"Bewusstsein & Selbstverantwortung sind der erste Schritt in deine neue Herzgesundheit"

My Story

VeganHeartNutrition Coach

Simon Rosenberger

Hi! I’m Simon, the creator of the “VeganHeartNutrition”.

My journey to a whole food plant based diet started over 6 years ago. I was suffering from a constant lack of energy (fatigue), and also from brain fog, had no concentration and couldn’t feel my inner self, my soul, and always had to be on the run. The running away from myself. Partying, and always had this feeling of missing out something. Then I met a very important person in my life. Together we started with a whole food plant based diet for health issues. Awareness quickly raised and ethical and the suffering of animals became the second and the third reason for living a vegan lifestyle. This really changed my way of living. My energy level improved. So did my health significantly. My lady got pregnant and we heard about having deficiencies with a plant based diet and how dangerous it would be for the (unborn) baby. That’s why I got more and more into plant based nutrition and also becoming a certified ‘holistic nutritional therapist’. The blood tests all six months confirmed our health status getting better and better. Now I know that a plant based diet is the most healthiest diet and also scientifically proven.

The idea that others may benefit from a plant based diet the same we did, inspired me to create the VeganHeartNutrition app. An e-learning app to get inspired, raise consciousness, get the right knowledge, and to learn more about healthy plant based nutrition. I will give you all my knowledge, tips and tricks about veganism and supplements. And if you suffer from health issues I know the fastest way to improve your health, so you benefit from it. You will feel the advantages in your mindset, body and soul. Nutrition is medicine. Have a look at it. 

Work With Me

I love collaborating with brands who share the same ideas and values – me and my clients and audience have. I’m open for an exchange and to brainstorm new opportunities. Just email me and we sit together.